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Scan Assistant 1.4

Scan Assistant is a visual basic application that helps to scan a image
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Paraltax Solutions

Scan Assistant is a visual basic application that helps automate the process of naming and moving a scanned image to the server for linking to the patient chart. This lets you choose where you store your images, which is ideal for clients who do not want to store them within the default Practice Partner folder structure.

The basic operation of the program allows you to specify a source image, type in a patient id, and then select a document type. The Destination Path is automatically created for you and by clicking the Transfer Image to Server button, the image is saved to the server.

The filename and path can be dynamically created based on the patient id, document type, date scanned, etc. The Copy PLINK to Clipboard button copies the appropriate PLINK format to the clipboard allowing for easy pasting into the progress note in Practice Partner.

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